Earn some extra money with affiliate marketing

Who doesn't want to make a few extra bucks form their website without really doing anything. Affiliate marketing makes it possible for you to place banners from other companies on your website to promote their products or services.

Enlist your company at an affiliate network

First you'll need to add your website to the affiliate network and they'll have to accept it. When your website is accepted by the network your affiliate marketing journey really starts. An affiliate network makes it possible for you to browse every single company that is connected to the network as an advertiser. The companies all have their own banners, product feeds and other promotional stuff. When you add a company to use their banners you will have to be accepted by the company. Sometimes you'll get accepted immediately but other times the company will evaluate your website first and if they don't like what they see they'll simply not accept your website.

How it actually works

As soon as you're accepted you can start placing banners on your website. Make sure to choose banners that have something in common with your website so it is relevant for your visitors to actually click the banner. The amount of money you get is different for each website. Some websites offer a percentage of a sale, some offer money for a click and some offer an amount of money for a purchase. Read the instructions for every campaign carefully so you know how and when you will actually get paid when someone makes a purchase through a banner on your website. Now you are ready to start with affiliate marketing and earn some extra money!

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