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Improve your place in Google's search results with backlinks

Backlinks can do great things for your website in the PageRank algorithm designed by Google. One of the things that decides whether your website will end up on the first page, on the fifth page or not even on the first ten pages of Google is this system called PageRank. So if you want to end up high in Google's search results you should try to optimize your website to these factors they mark as important. For those that don't know what a backlink is, it's basically just a link to your website given by another website. Therefore a backlink is often called an incoming link or inbound link. Here you can find some convenient backlink checkers that can be used for free.

The free service from this website is very simple to use. You just copy and past the URL in the box and press the 'Check Backlinks' button. You will automatically get a list with all the websites that have placed a link to your website and the exact URL so you can find the link easily. You can also see how many external links this website has placed and if the link to your website is useful or not. Visit their backlink checker here.

This is also a free service but a bit less accurate then for instance Baclinkwatch. This site will only show up to 100 backlink URLs and that's it. Now a lot of websites won't have 100 backlinks, but if your website does, than you won't be able to view them all. You will also not see any extra information about these links so the options are very basic. For the smaller websites this service is fine but a larger website might want to look elsewhere. You can find the backlink checker from SmallSEOTools right here.

The backlink checker from Majestic might be the most professional one you can find. One can create a free account but this is only for a limited time of use and doesn't have all the extra's a paid account has. You can even enter a URL without an account and it will still show you the number of backlinks and a lot of other information, but not the URLs of these backlinks. When you have a paid account you can find practically everything you want to know about a URL, so people who want professional service should definitely check out their website.

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