Daisycon: The Netherlands' most popular affiliate network

Daisycon was founded in 2000, when affiliate marketing was just a couple of years old. In the beginning they started with three different websites, but in 2007 the company decided to stop with the separate brands and continue under one name: Daisycon. Because of this past Daisycon can not only provide insight on affiliate marketing, but can also help companies with lead generation and CPC advertising. Lead generation makes it possible for companies to come in touch with a lot of people who are potentially clients. CPC advertising on the other hand increases the traffic to your website and can greatly improve brand awareness.

Affiliate marketing in several countries

Daisycon has been branded as The Netherlands' most popular affiliate network through several affiliate surveys. Besides being active in The Netherlands, they are active in all of Europe, but mainly in Belgium, France and Germany. Daisycon describes itself as a professional and result-orientated company that is reliable and will continue to grow alongside the constantly expanding online marketing world.Visit Daiscon by clicking this link.

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