PageRank Checker

Check the rank of your page with a PageRank checker

Google has developed a certain algorithm by which it decides your location in the search results. Websites are given a score from 0 to 10 by which Google decides how important the website is and how high it will end up in the search results. PageRank was created in 1998 by the founders of Google and has been active ever since. You can find several websites that provide a free PageRank checker so you can see the stats of every website you like.

The appearance of the website might not be so great, because of the many ads that are basically everywhere, but it does provide you with information like your your rank and the number of backlinks en referring domains. It also provides you with information like the age of the domain aan other listing like in the directories of Google and Yahoo. You can visit the tool right here.

The PageRank checker on this website is very user friendly and doesn't have any annoying ads. You can simply enter the URL and you will almost immediately see your PageRank. This is very basic because the rank is also the only thing that you will see. If you want a basic and easy checker this is just the one for you. You can visit it here.

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