Thumbshot Tools

Create a mini image of your website with a thumbshot tool

A thumbshot tool is a tool that makes it possible for you to easily create a thumbnail imago of your website. A thumbnail image is basically a very small screenshot your website so people can immediately see what your website looks like before even clicking the link. Making a thumbnail yourself can be tricky, but luckily there are several websites that create thumbnails for you, for free! We made a selection of websites that you can visit to get the perfect thumbnail created without having to pay anything:

Besides having a paid service, also offers free thumbnail creations when you sign up for their free monthly plan. Of course the paid service has a lot of extra options but if you're just looking for a basic thumbshot service then will do the job. You can visit their website here.

The free service of this website is comparable to the one of You get the most basic thumbail image and if you want various options you can choose from one of the four paid options the website provdes. The free thumbnails will be of normal quality so not special, but also not bad. You can take a look at their service here.

The Thumbshot generator from WebSharks is extremely simple to work with. You just type in the URL and immediately it shows you the thumbnail. You can even customize the thumbnail by adding values like width or height before generating the image. This makes it very easy to work it and the best park is that it is completely free to work with. You can find their Thumbshot Generator right here.

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