Tradetracker: reliable affiliate network

Tradetracker position themselves as the affiliate network that works for you. When you don't get paid, they also don't get paid so they really want to see you do your best. Like any other affiliate network you first have to get your website accepted. You can enlist as many websites as you like conveniently from one single account. Tradetracker is very user friendly and it is really easy to find the right campaign for your website because of all the different categories you can search. For every sale the publisher will receive either a percentage of the sale or a previously agreed on amount of money.

The user-friendly affiliate network

For the advertisers it is also very easy to work with Tradetracker. An affiliate has to contact the advertiser, who can decide whether or not they want their banners and products on that website. The affiliate network provides all the advertisers and publishers with a unique interface that gives all the information you would want to know about your ads. Publishers can contact a personal account manager for all of their questions, remarks or when they simply need some help with something. The user-friendliness of Tradetracker can really help both advertisers and publishers to make their campaigns a huge success. You can find their website here.

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